Carlo is kink activist, man slut and rope top from Espoo, Finland. He has been an active member of the kink community in Finland and Europe for over a decade. He was recently granted the years Kink award for his lifes work toeards building a better community.

He is a sexually well educated male in BDSM. edge play and many sexual activities.

Don is kink activist, man slut and rope top from Espoo, Finland. He has been organizing rope events and teaching shibari since 2009, when he started to teach Western type bondage at Helsinki Academic Kink’s (Häkki ry) weekly classes. He later advanced to japanese style shibari and is one of the founders of Helsinki Shibari. ​

Don teaches japanese rope bondage at Helsinki Shibari and other finnish events mostly from a top perspective. He likes to focus on elements of technique and communication rather than patterns and sequences. If his style were to be described in words, it would sum up as a sloppy mess that miraculously still manages to hold together. When teaching and organizing events, he draws on his expertise as a community leader to bring people together. ​ ​

Performances haven’t always been a part of Don's rope practice - his first appearance on stage wasn’t before 2011, although he had been teaching for two and practising shibari for over five years. Don's tying is influenced by traditional Japanese styles as well as contemporary western organic and artistic tying, but mostly it’s just a complex mathematical mess that holds up to the definition. ​

"Rope for me is a medium for power exchange, intimacy, sex and non verbal communication. It is also about continuous learning and wonder. Performance is to take an intimate moment and explode it into a work of art. ​"



Don provides a variety of different services including, but not limited to erotic rope bondage, erotic caressing, fetishes, sex, pain and torture, butt play, submission and slavery, erotic photography and workshops on different subjects.


Erotic massages etc 100€ /h (no sex)
Erotic rope Bondage 150€ /h (no sex)
Sex sessions starting at 200€ /h or 350€ /2h
Fetishes or pain infliction sessions 150€ /30min or 250€ /h
BDSM play sessions start at 300€/h
Risk play including (but not limited to) knife play, play piercings, breathplay and other RACK activities start at 350€ /h
Workshops start at 350€ / 1.5h (max 10 attendants) but depend greatly on the content and duration of the workshop.

All prices are outcall and include the finnish VAT 24%  but exclude any travel expenses

You are welcome as you are, as long as you are of age (18), tidy and sober. We meet and treat everyone as an individual regardless of their sex or gender, sexual orientation, status, life situation or ethnic background.

If you are young or look young, prepare to present your ID.

The wonders of japanese erotic bondage.


Sessions with rope start from 150 € / h

Erotic and sexua photography


Prices of erotic bdsm photography starts at 200€/h

Workshops on various subjects such as shibari, whipping, domination, squirting, knife play or breathplay. 
Pricing starts at 300€/ 1.5h


Intercourse. Anal. Oral, Manual.

Sex in general.


Sex sessions starting at

200€ / h or 350€ / 2h

At the core of hard core lies submission.  Be who you are or who you want to be. Release your inner self.

BDSM sessions starting at 300€/h.

Leather, military, roleplay, doctor's appointment, golden showers, whipping, caning etc,

Prices start at 150€ / 30 min

SERVICES IN PICTURES (under construction)

  • All
  • BDSM
  • Role Play and Fetishes
  • Digital Media & Photography
  • Shibari

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    Tuomarila, 02760 Espoo

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    +358 46 555 9758

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